Fill Your Physician Shortages

Solving Physician Shortages with Advanced
Telemedicine Solutions and Remote Clinicians

RemoteICU Benefits

  • time - Reduce Patient Length Of Stay

    Reduce Patient Length Of Stay

    Improve clinical outcomes while decreasing the costs of care per patient

  • Elevate Physician Performance

    Elevate Physician Performance

    Our easily accessible advanced technology allows your physicians to perform more effectively

  • Constant Coverage

    Constant Coverage

    Fill your specialist shortages and regular scheduling gaps with licensed physicians who desire a permanent position

  • Easy-and-Low-Cost-Implementation

    Easy and Low Cost Implementation

    The total cost of adding RemoteICU is comparable to hiring a new physician locally

  • Decreased Mortality Rate

    Decreased Mortality Rate

    With 24/7 accessibility, RemoteICU physicians maintain uninterrupted monitoring of patients to provide improved treatment

  • Night-And-Weekend-Coverage

    Night And Weekend Coverage

    Our physician specialists will cover your hard to fill night, weekend and holiday shifts

  • Low cost

    Reduced Physician Burnout & Turnover

    Improved work conditions decrease the burden on your in-house team and increase staff satisfaction and retention

  • staff

    Meet The Leapfrog Standard

    Staff your hospital unit with our qualified specialists to meet the Leapfrog Physician Staffing Standard

Solve Physician
Shortages Now

RemoteICU’s Impact In Numbers

24 7 365


  • 1000s

    Of Patient Beds

  • 100s

    Of Hospitals

  • 6


Physician Selection & Credentialing

How we Work

  • We’ll Talk

    You and our RemoteICU Medical Director will discuss your clinical needs in full detail.

  • Receive a Proposal

    RemoteICU will send a proposal to help address your coverage needs.

  • Physician Selection & Credentialing

    Your hospital can begin interviewing RemoteICU physicians without delay. RemoteICU will then credential physicians to permit them to become permanent members of your hospital staff.

  • IT Implementation

    RemoteICU’s IT specialists will coordinate with your hospital’s IT team and oversee all the arrangements.

  • The First Shift

    Due to a rapid and simultaneous process, RemoteICU physicians will be able to perform their first shift within the soonest possible time frame.

Enhancing patient care for over a decade

Since 2008, RemoteICU has been providing remote specialist physician services to hospital systems, helping address chronic and increasing shortages in specialist physician coverage. RemoteICU has since grown into the largest telemedicine group comprised of licensed specialist physicians, with our physician footprint extending across six continents.